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Direct Air Supply is a booming Adelaide air conditioning sales and installation business based on great value and prompt, professional service. For those with the vision to get onboard as a Direct Air Supply dealer, our formula for success is the sound, secure and a way to fast-forward your growth, profits…and satisfaction!

The training and support you need is all supplied. The methodologies and models are proven. Sign up, step in and start to see growth right away. Whether you are a first business owner or industry veteran, we have a proven business model that will work for you.


Let’s Be Direct – Size Matters!

With the large Direct Air Supply brand behind you, you’ll enjoy all the savings, relationships, and benefits that come with big buying power. We are Adelaide’s largest buying group for  Australia’s best range of air conditioning brands; Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, Daikin, Rinnai, Brivis, Braemar, Coolair, Samsung, LG & Carrier

Bigger Thinking, All The Time.

Training, coaching and support by Direct Air Supply – not just to begin with, but on an ongoing basis – means your mindset and methods are always geared for growth.

Get Online And Get Moving.

As a Direct Air Supply dealer you’ll also benefit from streamlined, web-based business systems that improve accuracy, speed, workflow and save time. What’s more, there’s a system, document and template for everything for you to look, feel and earn like a big brand.

Every Direct Air Supply Dealer Enjoys Constant Support.

Anyone who has ever run an independent small business will tell you that ‘going it alone’ is no fun. That’s never a problem for Direct Air Supply dealers because our Head Office welcomes calls with questions…and in turn, we make regular calls to offer any support that you might need.

All Work, No Play?

Not at all. Become a Direct Air Supply dealer and take advantage of a suite of business management tools that means you can bring in the income while still having plenty of time to enjoy the other things you love in life. Our whole business culture encourages a healthy work/life balance.

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